SEO & Social Media

Competition for business on the Internet can be fierce! For some types of business, an effective Social Media marketing program may be key to the success of your web site and business. Social media marketing is full of challenges, pitfalls and unlimited opportunity.  Businesses often have a hard time dedicating the required resources in terms of employee time or skill to Social Media marketing.  Most small business simply don’t have the resources for a full time Social Media specialist.  We can assist you in developing a cost effective and productive Social Media marketing program.

Facebook and Instagram

Social Media Internet marketing can often be a daunting, confusing and time consuming affair.  We can help. We can help build your company a customized Social Media marketing plan for your business tailored specifically for your business and budget.  We will help you create content for your Social Media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or even create content for you in some cases.  By building out a detailed customized plan to keep your content current, consistent and fresh, your Social Media marketing efforts can be more effective.

Blogs & YouTube

Blogs and YouTube can also be very valuable Internet marketing tools.  We can assist you setting up a blog or vlog to promote your business.  In some cases we can create and publish blog articles for you to help build up cache your of valuable online content that can help drive traffic to your web site.

Email Marketing

For some businesses email marketing can be a powerful marketing tool.  We can help set an email marketing program for your business. We’ll build colorful customized email templates for you and train you and your staff on how to utilize email marketing services like Constant Contact and Mailchimp.

Social Media Marketing Services

Included Services by Plan Basic Plan Advanced Premium
Facebook – 15 Monthly Posts
Instagram – 15 Monthly Posts
Facebook – 25 Monthly Posts
Instagram – 25 Monthly Posts
Facebook – 45 Monthly Posts
Instagram – 45 Monthly Posts
Facebook Ad Boost Management
(Facebook Ad budget not included)
Facebook Ad Development/Graphics
Instagram – Account Optimization
Social Media Platform Integration
Cost Per Month $99 $199 $499
Additional Ala Carte Services
Email Marketing – Constant Contact/Mailchimp etc.
Includes up to 4 email blasts per month.
$45 $35 $25
Twitter 20 Monthly Posts $25 $15 $10
Instagram – Shopify Ecommerce – Products Tagging $45 $35 $25
On Premise Photography Shoot per hour $75 $55 $45

Please Note: Some ads will be used for more than one posting. Prices do not include the cost of boosting posts/ads on Facebook.