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Why should I hire a local web site designer?

By ED Spencer | August 19, 2019

Should you hire a local web designer or developer? While there is no one answer that would apply to apply to all businesses, in many cases the answer is a wholehearted, YES! For most local or regional businesses you are very likely much better off hiring a local designer/developer to build your website. A local […]

What is blog content marketing?

By ED Spencer | August 14, 2019

It isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Blog content marketing is simply providing information about various topics to readers who might be current or potential customers of your business. By providing free articles to your readers on interesting topics like “How to” articles, detailed product reviews or timely information on just released products, you can […]

Social Media Marketing, is it worth it?

By ED Spencer | August 2, 2019

Social media is a powerful tool but it comes with caveats! Halfhearted, inconsistent or very low quality content efforts at social media marketing can be worse than no social media presence at all. The three critical elements of effective social media marketing are consistency, high quality content and a well thought out overall strategy.

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Selecting an eCommerce Platform

By ED Spencer | July 27, 2019

Shopping cart platforms are very complex software systems with an increasingly large number of functions and features. In many cases, you may find it very difficult to know if a shopping cart platform will meet your specific needs in terms of functionality and features.

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