What is blog content marketing?

It isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Blog content marketing is simply providing information about various topics to readers who might be current or potential customers of your business. By providing free articles to your readers on interesting topics like “How to” articles, detailed product reviews or timely information on just released products, you can bring more customers to your website and build your brands Internet visibility relating to the goods and services you offer. If customers find engaging content about goods or services on your web site, they are much more likely to purchase those same goods and services from your business either online or your brick and mortar store.

Having good high quality blog content on your website can dramatically help your SEO efforts to rank better on search engines like Google as well. Long gone are the days when adding a few keywords and meta tags were the end all, be all of getting a good page ranking. The new search engine algorithms incorporate a myriad of factors like page popularity, social media presence and link popularity. Blog content marketing can be a big boost to building traffic to your web site and increase it’s popularity. Blog content coupled with social media marketing is a great way to build customer trust and create an online community around your business.

Like many aspects of Internet marketing, blog content marketing can be very time consuming, it requires consistency and a dedication to posting quality blog content. It often requires tedious research, and coming up with consistently good content ideas can be a challenging endeavor. Consistency in content creation frequency and quality of content can be critical factors in creating a successful blog content marketing program. Most businesses who realize the value of blog content marketing, also realize outsourcing their blog content development is both pragmatic, cost effective and more successful.

A well designed blog content marketing program implemented consistently can be a huge advantage to your business. Delivering information your customers are interested in and answering their questions can foster a sense of community with your business. They will come to rely on your business as a source of good quality information, and you’ll become their first choice for the goods and services your business offers.