Why should I hire a local web site designer?

Should you hire a local web designer or developer? While there is no one answer that would apply to apply to all businesses, in many cases the answer is a wholehearted, YES! For most local or regional businesses you are very likely much better off hiring a local designer/developer to build your website. A local agency or free lancer will often have a much better feel for your business. They may even be one of your customers or have a circle of friends and family who are. They will have have a much more vested interest in providing you a better website building experience as their “local” reputation is probably much more important to them than a cookie cutter national or metropolitan agency or free lancer found on a job board website. Choosing a local website builder may be easier more effective process as well. Instead of trying to digest hundreds of online reviews and talking to people on the phone to some person far away, you can meet your designer/developer face to face, probably even get recommendations from other local small businesses that you trust.

Hiring local also means the business (and your hard earned dollars) stay in your local economy, it really is small business helping small business, a win-win situation. So much much these days is made of the slogan “shop local”, well most of what they say is true. Local businesses partnering with other local businesses keeps local economies stronger and more resilient.

How often have you had to deal with frustrating “press 2 now” phone support systems and impersonal corporate customer service. Ever had to wait on hold for 20 minutes to get a simple question answered? Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick the phone and talk to someone about your website who actually cares, whether it’s just a question or time sensitive desperately needed website update. That’s the advantage of partnering with a local website designer/developer, they honestly care about giving you a great customer experience. They will be there when you need them.

Advantages of hiring a local website designer/developer for your business:

  • They are much more likely to understand your business and community.
  • They offer the personal touch with on site face to face consultations.
  • You are the bread and butter of their business. Your success matters to them!
  • You can often get recommendations from people you know and trust.
  • Their customer support is more personalized and “in person”.
  • The money you spend stays in your local economy.

For a lot of businesses hiring a local website designer/developer is much better decision than hiring an out of town or often out of country agency. As a business or manager you should carefully weight all the options for building or redesigning your website. Considering a local agency or free lancer first is a smart move!